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Thank you for visiting our new website. We hope you enjoy browsing our range of fine furniture.All in 1/12th scale.For Mirrors,Picture Frames and Framed Prints please see   www.tarbenareflections.co.uk

Tarbena is renowned for its unique style of furniture, from the accurate scaling down of the orginal to the very specialised finish, giving age, character and charm to each piece. True appreciation can only be achieved by close examination. Our mirrors, paintings and pictures are also unique to us.

Please note: These items are not toys and are therefore not suitable for children.


Tarbena was originally known for mirrors and picture frames for dollshouses and eventually for a unique collection of painted furniture, mainly from the Georgian and Regency Period. This range grew to incorporate  William & Mary, Jacobean and 17th Century furniture and has enabled Tarbena to appeal to collections and museums worldwide. Several processes are used to create the ageing effect, aiming to imitate the original antique as closely as possible but also giving each piece its own individuality and character. This is the trademark of Tarbena''s furniture. 

The furniture is 1/12 scale and made from a variety of woods. These woods have the appropriate grain for the scale and give the effect of mahogany or walnut in miniature. Some pieces have been delicately painted by hand. Others have a painted finish or gilt finish. We also have an exquisite range of lacquered furniture with chinoiserie decoration. 

Some items of furniture are in stock, but usually the furniture is made to order and this can take up to 5 or 6 months. We will, however, do everything we can to supply your order as quickly as possible and will aim to co-operate with any special requests or time-scales, so please do enquire when you order.

All sizes are approximate.

Mirrors & Overmantles

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Picture Frames

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